CH. Kappadane’s Remington Steele V Coleridge

About Remi

Remi is the result of the joining of excellent blue bloodlines and modern technology. His sire, Cagney, had been dead a number of years but “stored” thanks to Pat’s foresight. So Remi is truly a “pupsicle”!

Remi is a deep steele blue, sound and well moving. Remi is loved and spoiled, living with owners Bev & Paul Heijn, their cats, Java (a chocolate lab) and the latest edition, Remi’s grandaughter, DIVA!

He finished his Championship in 2002. He is C.E.R.F.’d, Thyroid normal, VWB neg, Ultrasound clear heart, OFA good hips and elbows. He is available to approved bitches. 


Bred by: Pat Gurtner & Liz Kappish

Owned by: Pat Gurtner, Bev & Paul Heijn

Born: 3/8/97

Have questions about Remi? Feel free to inquire anytime!