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Coleridge’s Gift From Heaven

Sarah is one of our two stunning, blue girls that were our Tori & Logan Litter in 2006. She is making her mark here in California, AKC pointed handled by Denise Williams & Brittany Williams and is owned and staying with Pat & Priscilla at Coleridge.


More will be seen of Sarah in Spring/Summer 2009 in the conformation ring. This beautiful girl embodies power, grace, health, temperament and is everything we could have asked for. She and her sister are solid in conformation and incredible movement.

We can’t wait to see what she does.

Sarah was bred to Elvis in December 2009, please check the litterbox page frequently for updates.

CARDIAC ~ NORMAL ( Echo/Doppler )

Mara Jade 

Herdolf Coleridge Mara Jade

We imported a bitch from our friends in Finland – Esa & Vuokko Tienhaara. A sweet little thing we call Mara Jade. She is very special to us since she also is a grand daughter to our Indy. Mara Jade is co-owned with Vuokko.


CH. Coleridge’s Message From Above V Skyranch

Sage finished her championship under judge Donovan Thompson in April 2009. We welcome this wonderful addition to our record of champions and can’t wait to see what she produces.
This magnificent girl is taking the West by storm with her mom and handler Pat Dousman of Skyranch Danes.


Astounding temperament, conformation, movement and those soft, love me eyes. She melts the judges hearts, not to mention all that meet her along the way.

The embodiment of the breed standard for a solid, elegant bitch.

She and her sister (Sarah) are out to prove to the world that a blue can do it all!

Sage is the littermate to our Sarah from our 2006 Tori & Logan Litter.

Please check back as Sage is showing strongly this summer. More results to come.

April 2009 ~ New Champion ~ Winners Bitch ~ Best of Breed ~ Best of Winners ~ Sacramento

May 2008 ~ Winners Bitch ~ Best of Winners ~ Rogue Valley Kennel Club

May 2008 ~ 3 point Major ~ Winners Bitch ~ Best of Winners ~ Klamath Falls

December 2007 ~ Winners Bitch (2 pt) ~ Best of Winners ~ Oakland Kennel Club

Sage takes Best of Breed in July 2007 at the Coos Kennel Club.


Int. CH Coleridge’s Anya Blew By You, CGC

Anya is out of our Indi and LaLa litter from 2005.
A beautiful girl is who is full of wit, energy and an immense desire to please.
Anya is owner handled in the Pacific Northwest. She received her International Championship and her CGC in 2007 and has been pointed in the AKC ring. Anya has her CHIC with clear eyes and heart, we are currently pending her OFA exams which are soon to come.


Hopefully in the next few years to come Anya will pass along her wonderful temparament, incredible movement and drive to her offspring.

OFA Results


Coleridge’s Tribute To Alison, CD

Ali was a true foundation but also my best buddy, her sleeping companion, obedience and show dog and BEST friend. Ali was also much too smart for her own good, capable of opening any door, cabinet, refrigerator, trash compactor, etc… ate Oreos and loved to dress up for any occasion whether it be halloween, a puppy shower or a TV appearance. She loved her puppies dearly and taught them all her tricks. Ali lived to a very ripe old age of nearly 14 years of age, had good general conformation, movement and color – all of which she passed to her offspring – Every once in awhile I gets a girl that tugs at her heartstrings and we know it’s Ali making her pressence known.


CH. Coleridge’s Blue Amidala

Ami, littermate sister to Fin, Est Ch Coleridge’s Obi-Wan Kenobi and younger full sister of George and Haley, is just getting going and is already pointed. This is a lovely, elegant bitch with typical floating Coleridge movement with sweet temperament to boot! Ami, like mama is a love and just full of exuberance. Ami finished her Championship in the summer of 2003, and her genetic testing is completed.

Today – Ami lives with Sandy, Joe and Amy Leonard and “Bandit” – Ch Coleridge’s Bandido De MacLeo.


Coleridge’s Steel The Show

This is Diva. Diva is a littermate to “Royal” – Coleridge’s Royal Attitude. She’s staying with the Heijn family and her grand-dad “Remi”.
After Divas debut in the ring Bev wrote: ” – Diva’s debut in the show ring netted us a 3rd place out of 4 puppy girls on Saturday, and on Sunday, (drum roll please…….) she got 1st place in her class, with the same 4 puppies competing! She’s just turning out so pretty and personality to boot!”. Diva got Reserve Winners that day”.


Coleridge’s All Hallows Eve

This is Eve. A nice looking bitch I kept from the Remi/Mary-litter. She got her name of the day she was born – on”All Hallows Eve”. Eve is a mid-sized elegant bitch with lovely lines, a nice neck and headpiece, and she’s a really good mover.
At the moment she’s staying in Lancaster with Nona to be shown down in southern California. When she’s finished – we’re planning to breed her. Hopefully this year.


CH. Pacific’s Garbo V Coleridge

From start to finish – A Champion!
Garbo and littermate, Katie, were from Alison’s first litter. Both were elegant, refined bitches with lovely movement, good rear angulation, level toplines and good color. Garbo went to Judi Murdock, Sir Blu Danes in S.CA to join half-sister, Genny (from Alison’s second litter) where she finished her championship; set to producing beautiful blue babies and spent her entire life with Judi’s love and as the Queen bee at Sir Blu.

Garbo made her mark, producing well and being a wonderful ambassador for Blue Danes – living, as did her mother, well past 13 years of age.


CH. Coleridge’s Panoramic Amazing Grace

Gracie is from Sophie’s second litter – it has often been said that she could be Sophie’s clone both physically and in temperament. Gracie is refined and very feminine, has a headpiece to die for and is sound with typical Coleridge free flowing movement.

Gracie lives on the side of Mt.Tam in Marin County with co-owners, Linda and Jerry and her partner in crime, Coleridge’s Panoramic By George.


Coleridge’s Blue Haley Alexis

Littermate to George (and older full sister of Obi-Wan and Ami), Haley is a large, impressive bitch with lovely lines, a nice headpiece and movement with extreme reach and drive. Major pointed, Haley has taken time out for maternity leave – producing a lovely litter with 3 in show homes – and should return to the show ring shortly. That litter went all over both the USA as well as to Sweden (check out her son Coleridge’s Royal Attitude’s website). Haley lives with Drew Dowsett here in CA.



CH. Coleridge’s Chanson De Blumist

Jazz, from Sophie’s first litter, finished her championship quickly under the guidance of handler Sylvia Rodwell. She lives with her owners, Pam & Doug Gillson in Tucson, AZ with her two kids that are currently being shown.

Jazz died in 2003. Always remembered…….


Coleridge’s Joy To The World

Littermate to Gracie, Joy lives up to her name in every way – she has great joy for life and is a joy to be around. Joy is pointed but it became obvious that showing was not her thing (except in the rain – she really loved showing then) so was retired to a loving home with The Dubois and friend, Coleridge’s Scooby Dubois in the East Bay.

She has had one litter (sired by Scooby) which produced a lovely litter with a number of show prospects that will be in the ring shortly. She may be bred again next year.


Coleridge’s Sophie’s Choice

This is the bitch “chosen” by her mother – hence her registered name – Sophie chose this girl when she was just a few days old by accidentally stepping on her and breaking her leg. The leg healed well but affected her as far as the stress of a show career. This girl was nameless for the longest time until she named herself – she is a gardner – hence her call name is “Mary” (and, yes, she can be quite contrary). Mary is a very feminine bitch with good movement and is quite sound with sweet, tho devilish, temperament.


Bred only once (to Ch Kappadane’s Remington Steele V Coleridge) she produced a lovely litter that has already produced pointed get that is sure to finish. Mary is now retired, lives with and is adored byThe Balschi Family and her son and recently moved to Atlanta.


Coleridge’s Blue Nona Begonia

Nona is a young lovely girl out of Indy and Gracie. Nona stays down in Lancaster with Eve.


Coleridge’s Think Pink

A Littermate to Romeo and Tori. She’s living in Napa in a really nice Show home.


Coleridge Haltmeier’s Sioux

Shown above as a 7 month old puppy at the GDCA show, Sioux always remains an elegant, refined bitch with a devilish attitude who is definitely too smart for her own good. Her owner, Lew Gundell, swears she has changed his life and he adores her and his other Coleridge Blue, Sioux’s daughter Cheyenne. They both keep Lew well occupied and now live outside Carson City, NV.


CH. Coleridge Shadowbrook’s Blu Sky

It’s always nice when a breeder you respect takes on one of your show puppies. Well, that’s how I felt when Cheri Hardt (Shadowbrooke Danes) approached her regarding a show bitch – Cheri chose “Sunshine” from the litter, naming her Sky – and the rest is history. Sky quickly finished her championship under the guidance of Sonda Peterson with Cheri’s training and retired to the whelping box, producing a nice litter (sired by Ch Coleridge’s Bandido De MacLeo). Two lovely puppies were chosen for show from the litter – a male and a female – just wait til they hit the ring.


CH. Coleridge’s Sophia de MacLeo

Sophie is the product of one of Cagney’s first breedings for Coleridge – An elegant, well moving, sound bitch with an attitude all her own, Sophie finished her championship quickly once paired with her handler, Dianne Penner, and produced two very nice litters with a number of outstanding puppies. The first litter (sired by Ch Midnite Run Slate v. Bluestone) produced 3 champions (all OFA excellent); the second litter (sired by Ch Wiedane’s U Bet I’m N Blue) has pointed get not yet finished.

Sophie died in 2003 in the age of 12 years. A Grand Old Lady.


Coleridge’s Blue Kiss and Tell

“Kissy” was the Grand Old Lady, living all the way to 14 years of age. Even past 11 years she was still as playful as could be. People usually say they’re happy owners with Danes over 8 years… That makes Kissy a living proof that this breed do get older than so.


Coleridge’s Blue Conspiracy

Lala: A derivation of yellow, referring to the color of the puppy’s collar.
Lala is the old soul. Trained by Priscilla’s awesome rottweiler Natasha (and several yorkies – both show and rescue) La takes responsibility seriously. A very sensitive girl, she seems to know what you’re feeling before you do. Solidly stable temperament, beautifully proportioned and balanced, La’s headpiece is gorgeous. Her athletic structure creates a far-reaching, ground-covering movement that is as smooth as silk.

Lala is an older half-sister of Romeo, Pink and Tori ( the sires, Scooby DuBois & George, are littermates). She’s Co-Owned with our “dognanny” P-M Chabal.

You’ll find more pictures of her in “Misc Photos”.