Coleridge’s Litterbox

Coleridge Blue Great Danes is a highly respected breeder of Blue Great Danes, both here and abroad.

As breeders, Coleridge Blue Great Danes believes in and highly emphasizes the importance of early neurological stimulation, socialization, and enrichment in the lives of our puppies from Day 3 throughout the rest of their lives. Research has shown that performance is only about 35% heritable. The remaining 65% is attributable to training, management, and nutrition. Visit our Super Dog Training Program page for more details.

Previous Litters

October 2019

On Halloween, Lottie celebrated by introducing  2 female and 3 male blue Danes.
“Lottie” ~ Coleridge’s It’s About Time
“Shiloh” ~

August 2019

8 blue dane puppies
Willie – Coleridge’s Willie Stargell CHIC# 114974
Zaya – Tibet Von Der Kuperhutte CHIC # Pending

December 2013

On December 7, Pinky whelped 7 beautiful blue babies. We have 5 males and 2 females.
“Pinky” ~ Coleridge’s Pink Cadillac &
“Indy” ~ Coleridge’s Blue Indigo Rapsody

Keep checking back on updates from this exciting litter.

January 2010

On February 17, Sarah whelped 13 beautiful blue babies. We have 7 males and 6 females.
“Sarah” ~ Coleridge’s Gift From Heaven &
“Elvis” ~ Caeruleus Coleridge The King

September 2006

We had 2 BIG beautiful solid blue girls born on September 12th

“Logan” – CH. EIO Danes Wild Blue Yonder, CGC, TDI (CH Bluestone’s Forbes / Am. Int. CH EIO Danes Talia V Longo )
“Tori” – Coleridge’s Mys Tori. Ptd. & BOB (Coleridge’s Panoramic By George / Coleridge’s Joy To The World

November 8, 2005

We had 6 beautiful blues born.

“Indy” – Colridge’s Blue Indigo Rapsody (Weidane’s Raja v Rapsody / Coleridge’s Miss Rapsody N Blue)
“LaLa” – Coleridge’s Blue Conspiracy, ptd. & BOB (Coleridge’s Scooby Dubois / Coleridge’s Joy To The World

4 boys – 2 girls.

April 15, 2005

9 pup’s born on “Tax-Day”

“Romeo” – Ch Coleridge’s Romeo True As Steel (Coleridge’s Panoramic By George / Coleridge’s Joy To The World)
“DIVA” – Coleridge’s Steel The Show, ptd. (Coleridge Blue Jacob Tucker / Coleridge Blue Heley Alexis

3 boys – 6 girls.

January 11, 2004

we had a litter from 2 of our own bred Champion Great Danes.

Ch Coleridges’s Bandito de Macleo &
Ch Coleridge’s Blue Amidala