The name COLERIDGE is now synonymous with quality Blue Great Danes and recognized by its offspring throughout the world, notably in Brazil, Mexico, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark as well as across the United States. While not breeding frequently (an average of only 1 litter per year) but selectively, Coleridge continues to see puppies consistently winning and earning titles in both the breed ring and the obedience ring. It has frequently been remarked upon by knowledgeable Dane experts that Coleridge pedigrees read like a Who’s Who in Top Blue Danes and Blue Dane lines. Coleridge is now recognized as a source of some of the very BEST in blue.


Coleridge was originally founded in the 1960’s in California with the breedings of Katherine Elies. In the years since, the line has continued on with a total of three generations of partnerships with Pat Gurtner and Priscilla Chabal. Today, Coleridge is now based in Marietta, Georgia with a  legacy that continues to grow and thrive.

Coleridge Blue Great Danes is a highly respected breeder of Blue Great Danes, both here and abroad. We are happy to announce a new litter coming in the spring of 2020. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or submit a convenient online puppy application now.

Blue Great Danes are some of the most beautiful dogs in the world. Its coat comes in different shades of blue including charcoal and slate, but the steely blue is the most admired and desirable of them all. It is the uniqueness of their color that makes the Blue Great Dane an exceptionally special dog.

Blue Great Danes are tall, strong, agile, beautiful and devoted. They are highly intelligent dogs with very keen minds. Their temperament is affectionate, moderately playful, good with children and family protectors. Although intimidating in size, it does not realize it is not a lap dog and will enjoy being by your side, and leaning on it – often; so get ready for some up close and personal love from your blue.

Great Danes are sweet, lovable and very friendly, but will also guard their home and family. They have a keen sense of people and their intentions and will alert you when they sense danger. These gentle giants will love you for a lifetime making them wonderful companions for the entire family.